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[chanting] striking port of oakland workers are promising to shut down the port of oakland and we'll see if they've been successful. that's one of the top stories ahead.
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good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. but we begin with breaking news out of marin county where a small plane has crashed in the san rafael marsh. it happened near the smith ranch airport off highway 101 and smith ranch road near the mcginnis golf club. san rafael police say a pilot was the only person on board when the accident happened and he managed to get himself out of the plane and call 911. police say it sounds as though the plane may have slid off the runway into the marsh and that the pilot may have suffered minor injuries. we have a ktvu news crew on way to the scene and we'll continue to follow the story for you. workers at the port of oakland are on strike today. christien kafton joins us live to explain why and how it is impacting business there. >> reporter: good afternoon. take a look. you can see that the workers are here at one of the entrances to the port. now, we understand that word is spreading among those workers right now that they can picket out here. they can demonstrate but they
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cannot block more vehicles from entering. meanwhile, we can tell you that other unions out here at the port are refusing to cross those picket lines. members marched in front of the entrances of the port today starting at about 5:30 this morning, blocking more than 100 trucks trying to deliver or pick up cargo containers. >> the idea of shutting down the port was to let them know we're serious. we want them back at the bargaining table. we don't feel like they've been taking us seriously. >> we understand right now, seven private marine terminals have elected to close for the day. there is an arbitration underway and the arbitration is an ongoing process. >> reporter: union organizers in the port have been negotiating a new contract. the union says the port has not shared key details of the financial situation in the negotiation. the port says the information the union ising with is already publicly available. the port says given new economic realities, including a
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$1.3 billion deficit, union workers need to contribute to their benefits package. now, this one-day strike is set to run until at least 9:30 tonight. i spoke with one of the union organizers here and he said that they are committed to staying out here until at least 9:30, possibly 10:00 tonight. now, my colleague, eric rasmus, just arrived here on scene just a moment ago and told me that he witnessed an encounter between truck drivers trying to enter and make deliveries and do pickups at the port and some of the striking workers, he said he saw some fireworks, some friction there. we'll definitely bring that to you coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. we'll have continuing coverage for you. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. well, the port of oakland also operates the oakland international airport. workers are picketing there as well. this labor unrest comes as people are getting out of town ford thanksgiving holiday. coming up in about 13 minute,
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we'll show you if -- minutes, we'll show you if passengers are being affected. the weather is having aneffect on air travel at least with -- an effect on air travel at least with details. there is a traffic management program for arriving flights. this is causing delays of almost three hours for some arriving flights. that usually translates for dedays for -- delays for departure. you should check ahead if you are traveling out of town or picking anyone up at the airport. good afternoon to you. start the out with -- start the out out with -- started out with light showers. mostly dry at the moment. at oakland, a few peeks of sunshine are managing across the region. the main event still on its way and month of us dealing -- most of us are dealing with scattered showers over santa rosa, vacaville reporting a few showers and here in and around close to san rafael, you will find a few sprinkles as well. again, the main event still to the north of us, take a look at
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that, anywhere from 50 to 70 miles north of santa rosa as i back it up a little bit more, you can see the front will be in -- around santa rosa into the afternoon. it will take its time getting to some of us. i will have when you can expect it in your area and whether it will impact the biggest travel day of the year coming up in just a little bit. secretary of state, hillary clinton, is arriving in jerusalem right about now where there are conflicting records that a cease-fire is imminent. now, israel was intention fiing attacks on the gaza strip today in what may be a last burst of fire in a week-long offensive. at least 128 palestinians have been killed and three you israelis are dead. the numbers are lower for israel because of its rocket defense system. israel has plans for a ground offensive but put those on hold to allow time for diplomatic
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effort. u.n. secretary ban ki-moon met today with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> these conditions are dangerous and tragic and this would put the entire region at risk. >> they are deliberately and indiscriminately targeting our civilians and they deliberately hide behind their civilians. >> secretary clinton mans to meet with israeli and arab leaders would work on a solution but she will not meet with officials with hamas as officials doesn't meet with groups that are considered terrorists. ktvu checked with the vallejo fire department late this morning. a fire fire -- a suspicious fire does appear to be the work of an arsonist. the fire broke out on tennessee
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street. no one was home. neighbors called for help around 8:150 last night after seeing -- 8:15 last night of a seeing smoke from the garage. the fire was knocked down in about 90 minutes. the fire official says the m.o. was the same as before. the house that caught fire last night also made headlines bake in -- back in april of 2000 when a veteran police officer was shot and killed while serving a warrant at that property. joseph tikon was convicted of the murder and is serving a life sentence. holiday giving is in full swing as thousands are getting a traditional meal. janine delaw vary gause joins us live -- janine de la vega joins us with what's happening now. >> reporter: this is just bustling here with activity. you can see all of the staff lined up. they are waiting for the next match of people to come in so
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can serve them thanksgiving meals. for the past hour they've been doing that to dozens of low- income families. here in san jose, people started lining up at 6:0 this morning -- 6:30 this morning so they could be served a meal. volunteers have been chopping up vegetables and prepping turkey. they've cooked 130 birds, used 1600 pounds of potatoes. 100 loaves of bread for the stuffing and have made 1700 pies. the manager says it's a labor of love. he helped prepare. >> well, for me, it's a blessing because i get to take all of my culinary experience and my management experience, working with -- working with these men 22 men and help with a meal that will serve 22 people a day. >> reporter: seniors and families with children and others werer is refreshed the dinner by volunteers and the
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city team says the majority is just -- they just needed the help. after the meal each person was greeted by players from the san jose earthquakes. they were handed a holiday gift box that had a meal to prepare for thanksgiving including a turkey. back here live, tonight, they will be serving aned aish nal 250 people and then on -- addish -- serving an additional 250 people and then on thanksgiving, they will be serving again from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. back to you. >> that sounds very busy there. thank you. a bay area restaurant is helping to help the needy. people lined up at the 1515 restaurant. that's where the owner and his crew passed out 2,000 turkeys. for some people it was their first time at the annual giveaway. >> i've been here about three, four hours. i don't mind it. it's for turkey. we need a turkey for thanksgiving. yeah. >> how much does this -- >> this means a lot to me.
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yeah. >> besides individual families, the birds are often picked up by local shelters to help fill their holiday pantries. this is the fifth year, the restaurant has offered the free thanksgiving bird. you can go to to get more information on how to make donations to bay area charities that need help, including sacred heart, st. anthony's and glide in san francisco. go to the topics section on the front page. we are following some breaking news out of berkeley this noontime, the winningest coach in cal's history will not be returning next season. uc berkeley is set to announce jeff tedford's dismissal at 3:00 this afternoon. the bears just completed a 3-9 season, the worst of tidford's ten european at -- of tedford's tenure at cal. he had he finishing -- he
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finished with five bowl wins in eight trips. details will be announced at a 3:00 p.m. news conference. we'll have details at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00. >> reporter: we are at oakland international airport where workers are strike. we'll tell you what they are fighting for and if it could affect your holiday travel plans. and rosemary is back in a few minutes with more on the heavier rain rolling this way. the central valley family had a special interest in last night's 49er game.
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hundreds of bay area registered nurses are walking picket lines. thousands are on strike at ten hospitals in an ongoing dispute over wages, benefits and service cuts. eight of the hospitals are sutter health. this two-day strike is their second walkout in three weeks. another labor action is taking place at two san jose hospitals operated by hospital cooperation of america. >> a lot of these nurses will no longer have health benefits. why do we work for a healthcare institution and we don't have healthcare? how is that possible? >> the hospitals say they've fired -- hired replacement nurses on a five-day contract.
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port of oakland workers continue to walk picket lines this noontime. earlier we showed you the impact at the port. now to the airport which is also part of the port's operation. tara moriarty tells us if the strike is affecting holiday travel there. >> reporter: they braved the cold, windy terminals at 3:00 in the morning. nine hours later, they were still chanting and waving picket signs. >> that's the reason why we did it over the thanksgiving holiday so we can relate the message to all of these people out here so they can know what we're waiting for here at the oakland airport. >> reporter: passengers scurried past picketers. flight times were not impacted. >> it's great timing on their part. >> yes, because it is an important time. people are gonna be traveling. that can definitely add some -- it will inconvenience some people's schedule but it is
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putting pressure on -- mutting the -- putting the pressure on. >> reporter: these people are beverage servers. they come to stand in solidarity the with the others on strike. >> very frustrating. they do the same amount of work that we do. >> they are all working in very poor conditions. a lot of labor laws have been working -- broken. we feel this is very important. we want everybody to be treated equally. >> our idea is to bring attention to the public. not to disturb the public from coming and going. that's why we did it now as opposed to tuesday. we haven't got a contract. >> reporter: these strikers plan on being here for 17 hours straight. they will leave at 8:00 tonight and say they may even come back again tomorrow if they need to. from the oakland international airport, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news.
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a ped was hit and killed by a -- pedestrian was hit and killed by a caltrain around 5:30 at the charleston avenue crossing. a preliminary investigation indicates that the death was a suicide. the incident temporarily closed tracks in both directions and caused major delays in the system. but trains are now back to normal. this was caltrain's 11th fatality this year. crews in two bay area cities scramble to repair water main breaks this morning. one of the pipes created a sinkhole on west 11th street. it was a 6-inch pipe that had probably been in use since the 1930s or '40s. about ten homes lost water service until 9:00 a.m. while crews repaired the pipe. >> typically, we have more of those issues in the fall when the weather starts to change. you go warm to cold and then
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the pipe changes and it fails by the spot that -- that at -- tat that point it just fails. >> residents say water was rushing down the street for an hour and a half. at one point it was more than a foot deep. there are no reports of flood damage at any of the homes. that water -- other water main break was in redwood city. several basements have flooded near brucester and warren street. the water has been turned off. the cause is being investigated. burglars have targeted at least four antique stores downtown on monterey street since mid-september. they have taken jewelry, silver an clocks -- and clocks and all of the burglaries happened overnight. that's led detectives to believe they are linked. shop owners say it's a setback for an area that the city has been trying to revitalize. >> this is an old part of gilroy, the very center of
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gilroy. it's difficult enough and then when you start hearing things like that. it sets off people. they might go somewhere else to -- to do their business. police have increased patrols during the graveyard shift in that part of town. >> later -- later today, the 49ers are announcing a college bowl will be played at their stadium that is still under construction. it's scheduled to open in 2014. the team is expected to say that's when the kraft fight hunger bowl will move to the south bay. currently that game is played at at&t park in san francisco. the last time a college bowl game was held in the south bay was the 2004 silicon valley classic at spartan stadium. last night's san francisco 49ers huge 32-7 win over the chicago bears had special meaning for a turlock family. that's because their son, colin kaepernick, had his first start in an nfl game. he started after alex smith did
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not get clearance following a concussion. he was deputied when he was just a baby and moved to turlock when he was 4. he went to the university of nevada on a football scholarship and was drafted by the 49ers last year. his dad states he's proud of -- he's proud of his son's accomplishments and was excited to get the call sunday night. >> he said dad i'm gonna start. it was late at night and i said really? i said good for you. this is what you've been wanting. and kaepernick delivered. the 9ers play the saints on sunday and the coach was vague about what -- about who would start as qb. good afternoon to you. cloudy and temperature outside our doors at this hour with rain on. way, giving you a live look there at the oakland estuary. mostly gray. a few peaks of sunshine. a few scattered showers earlier this morning. that will remain for the north bay where we continue to see
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rainfall. the rest of us mainly dry. here is the next system. eventually, making its way into the bay area. right now, just a few prefun -- prefrontal showers is what we're seeing. santa rosa, the rain continues in vallejo, spreading east at this hour. but you can see san francisco, oakland, fremont, san jose, mostly cloudy, mostly dry in and around petaluma also seeing a little bit of a light rain and yountville and to the north, the proximity of 40 miles to the north of santa rosa is where that system remains. if you are headed to the sierra, maybe getting out of town today, winter storm warning will start a little bit later this afternoon and last into wednesday. so if you are going to go, i would say go sooner than later and other wise you may want to hold off just until your wednesday afternoon. giving you a look here so we do remain mostly gray. i want to pick it up. take a look at how long it takes the system really to move into the area.
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it's now 3:00, still scattered showers over the north bay but we're still holding on waiting for that front by about 7:00 widespread rain all the way down to about golden gate. but most of us are still dry. it looks like the evening drive home could be dry for most unless you are in or out of the north bay. by about 9:00 or so into the peninsula. take a look at the east bay and south bay. still dry, about 10:00 or 11:00 it finally shifts south and then it looks into the overnight hours for areas of san jose into the south tomorrow morning. we wake up, gray skies a few showers and it will be wind -- it will be winding down. by the afternoon we're drying out which is great news for one of the biggest travel days of the year. so in a nutshell, we have north bay with rain continuing in the afternoon. it will become heavier. but the central and south bay will hold off into the evening hours. it looks anywhere from .25 to .50 for the north bay, less than for areas south. winds will be picking up in addition.
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we have 10, 20 miles an hour. and it could be breezier as the front approaches and sweeps on through. widespread 60s outside. so fairly mild. we'll be mild for the afternoon, 65 for oakland today. 68 expected in redwood city, 65 for san francisco. there is the extended forecast again. people got to be on -- with air travel and roads, people hitting the roadways. we should be driving out tomorrow by the afternoon. we're in good shape. thanksgiving day as well as the holiday weekend looks nice. sounds great. thank you. >> you are welcome. ahead -- a high-tech giant in the south bay may have buyers remorse after the purchase of a british company. you will hear why.
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october saw increased construction of new homes. the commerce department says housing starts rise 6.3%. but a warning from the federal reserve chairman about the fiscal cliff helping pushed stocks lower. the dow down, 29. the nasdaq down, 8. s&p, down 2. and the surprise announcement from hewlett- packard weighing on tech stocks. they've announced what it calls serious accounting improprieties by a british biz it bought. they are taking an $8.8 billion charge to realign the value of the company called autonomy. hp also reported it lost 6.8 billion in the fourth quarter. hp's stocks down about 12% right now. hostess and its workers
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union are sitting down for talks to help save the company. hostess agreed yesterday yet -- agreed yesterday at the urging of a bankruptcy judge to enter private mediation with the striking union to try to avert the company from liquidating. hostess says if there's no progress today, company will ask to sell off its assets and go out of business. tonight on the news at 5:00, a miaouing emergency day for the new eastern span of the bay bridge. where the construction stands, the milestone achieved and the record the span can now claim. thank you for thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the -- thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks.
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